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Create Ultra High Converting Lead Capture Pages In Seconds...

Build a Monster Sized List With These Pre-Made / Pre-Built High Converting Lead Capture Page Templates

Dear friend,

I created to provide a simple, easy and affordable solution that anyone (and especially complete beginners) would be able to capture leads easily.

When I first got started online I quickly realized that to build an online business I needed to capture leads.

All the big "gurus" were using them and their pages were BEAUTIFUL.

It took me a long time to figure out how to build an effective, high converting lead capture page.

The design... the fonts... the wording... the tech...

But after a lot of trial and error, I figure it out.

That was over 9 years ago...

Since then I've perfected the art (and science) of crafting ultra high converting pages and have used these pages to built lists into the tens of thousands of subscribers.

And now with this brand new software, you can leverage these same high converting pages to build your list of subscribers into a monster size list too.

Check out the templates:

Template #1 The "Blue Pill"

Template #2 The "Nomad"

Template #3 The "Quiz"

Template #4 The "Grey Box"

Template #5 The "White Box"

With each template you can easily change the headline, the button, and the entire design of the page with just a few clicks...

And... with most templates you can easily change the background image too to give it a completely unique look and feel that matches your promotion.

Look how easy it is to:

Create a High Converting Lead Capture Page In 20 Seconds. (or less...)

Watch This Demo Video...


These pages, while super easy to create and use are LOADED with features that work behind the scenes without you having to be a technical wizzard...

Check this out:

Tech Features

1-Click Headline, Pre-Headline and Sub-Headline Templates...

Ever wondered what type of copy the BEST lead capture pages use...?

Well.. now they are available with 1-click for you to use with

Simply point and click on a high converting headline, pre-headline or sub-headline and its ready to use in 1 click...

Full Source and SubID Passthrough

Easily pass and track the traffic source through your pages (it's already build in...)

Plus... easily pass the SubID through your pages too.

This feature makes it EASY to tag each subscriber with the traffic source name and makes it easy for your tracking system to pass a SubID for each visitor and track where they came from.

Clever First Name Collection (When You Need It...)

In some promotions you may want to collect the first name of the visitor, and its as simple as checking off a simple box...


The page has a clever detection system that will only display the first name box only after they already entered their email...

... this allows you to keep the conversion rate HIGH, while collecting more data on the subscriber.

EASY Auto Responder Connection

Your pages can be connected to the following auto responders:

Fully Hosted For You

The pages you create are fully hosted for you WITHOUT the need for you to download or upload anything to your own hosting service...

Heck... you don't even need a hosting service at all if you use these pages...

(Unlike other page builders or building these with pure code where you have to host them yourself...)

Once you create the page (which only takes like 20 seconds...) you get a simple link you can start using right away and start capturing leads immediately.

1-Click Page CLONE

Built an awesome page but want another version...?

That's EASY...

Just click the clone feature and you have a perfect clone of this page ready for you to use in under 1 second...

(This is super useful if you want to create multiple pages FAST that have slight variations...)

Or, if you want to set up a page for one of your team members to use (like as a bonus you give them...)

Mobile Optimized

Over 55% of web traffic nowadays (in 2024) comes from mobile devices and these pages are optimized and designed to work flawlessly on mobile devices.

There is ZERO configuration needed on your part....

Any visitor who opens the page the system automatically detects their screen size and if they are on a mobile device it will serve them the mobile optimized template of your page.

Background Image Customization

With most templates you can customize the background image to your own image and create a completely new look and feel to the page.

You can easily use your own image to match the look and feel of the offer you are promoting.

This is as easy as just entering the URL of the image you want to use.

Pre-Designed (High Converting) Buttons

After YEARS of testing and going through many variations of buttons I found the best converting button designs on the planet and they are ALL available for you here inside the system with just 1 click.

Simply point and click to the button you want and you're all set.

Custom Buttons

Need your button to say something specific? you got it...

Instead of using the pre-designed buttons you can also create your own button with the EXACT wording you need.

PLUS you can easily customize the text color, background color and even the color when the visitor is hovering over the button before they click it.

Proof Bubbles Integration

One proven and tested method to increase conversions is to show proof on the page of previous visitors taking the action you want your visitor to take.

Proof Bubbles is a software that does this automatically and these pages fully integrate with Proof Bubbles right out of the box.

There's nothing to install or download or copy... all you need to do is just enter your Proof Bubbles campaign ID and the software takes care of the rest.

This is a HUGE time saver and a massive conversion booster.

1 Click Page Template Change

Made a page but want to test what it looks like with a different template...? EASY!

With the 1-click template change you can adjust the template your page is using in just 1 click...

If you love what you see, keep it, if you don't you can with just 1 click change back to the original template (or try another template...)

Sub 1 Second Load Time

NOBODY likes a slow website...

That's why I made these pages FAST INSANLY FAST

With speed testing done the average load times were between 231-450 milliseconds...

That's less than HALF a second...

This means no more visitors leaving your pages because its not loading "fast enough"



Start Here:

Pricing Options:


Here's What You Get:

  • Create Unlimited Lead Capture Pages
  • Run Up To 3,000 Visitors To Your Pages Each Month
  • Access To All Page Templates
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 1 Year Support Included
  • 50% Commissions Re-seller License Is Included ($997 Value)
(Early Adopter Special Pricing)
Lifetime Account, Pay Once, Use Forever...


Here's What You Get:

(Early Adopter Special Pricing)
Lifetime Account, Pay Once, Use Forever...


Here's What You Get:

$1,497 / LIFETIME
(Early Adopter Special Pricing)
Lifetime Account, Pay Once, Use Forever...


As part of the special BETA I'm releasing now you can get in on a special LIFETIME account instead of the monthly price I'm planning on charging later.

Most page builders out there will charge you a hefty monthly fee each and every month just to be able to use their service.

With the special BETA if you act now, you can get in for a 1-time LIFETIME deal so you never have any monthly costs EVER.

VALUE: $5,000


As a FOUNDER BETA member you also qualify for lifetime updates since the software is actually hosted by me...

This means any new future features, templates and enhancements to the system will automatically be INCLUDED for you...

No need to download anything or pay any additional amounts...

You'll automatically qualify to receive these updates in your lead capture page system as soon as they are released...

VALUE: $5,000


By joining Easy Lead Capture as a member you'll also automatically get enrolled into the RE-SELLER program for the level you purchase.

In this program you'll get to earn 50% Commissions on each and every Easy Lead Capture account you sell... (or my marketing system Profits Passport sells FOR YOU)

The re-seller license is a LIFETIME program and there are no renewal fees, one time fees, or any additional fees whatsoever.

If you're using one of my marketing systems (like Profits Passport) I even take care of all the selling of the accounts for you to the traffic you're sending by including this as an income stream...

So it's complete, automatic, hands free commissions on your behalf...

NOTE: Levels are INCLUSIVE meaning if you come in at the PROFESSIONAL level, you automatically get the BEGINNER level re-seller license too!

So its best to come in at the BUSINESS LEVEL since you get the PROFESSIONAL and the BEGINNER level re-seller licenses too so you don't miss out on any commissions.

VALUE: $3,997

TOTAL VALUE: $14,000

Who Is This Software Perfect For ...?

Join Today Lifetime Pricing Expires Soon...

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Here's What You Get:

(Early Adopter Special Pricing)
Lifetime Account, Pay Once, Use Forever...


Here's What You Get:

(Early Adopter Special Pricing)
Lifetime Account, Pay Once, Use Forever...


Here's What You Get:

$1,497 / LIFETIME
(Early Adopter Special Pricing)
Lifetime Account, Pay Once, Use Forever...

See you inside the members area in a minute!


You won't find a deal like this for a LIFETIME lead capture page software anywhere online, it doesn't exist...

I know... I checked and that's why I created this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you...

Not only to be able to create high converting pages in seconds , but also... be able to make hefty commissions on each account you sell while I do all the selling for you through my marketing system to your visitors...

Get started now before the official release so you don't miss out...


Most page builders out there will either require you to be a technical GENIUS and/or will require you to have your own hosting, domain, and a bunch of other stuff you probably don't want to mess with...

This software is different, there is nothing to download, nothing to upload, no installation of any files required and you can start right now and have your first page ready in 20 seconds...

Without a high converting lead capture page you don't have a BUSINESS... but with a high converting page you can grow a monster size list fast and have a thriving business...

Create your account right now and get your first page up in just a few short moments.


There are no monthly fees, annual fees, or any kind of other fees to be able to use your pages once you have this system...

It's your's... forever...

Tell those monthly page building software owners to go stick it...

...and give your wallet a boost at the same time by having my marketing system promote this to your leads and help you get more sales and commissions by helping other online marketers too...

And yes, its 50% commissions on each account you sell or my system sells FOR YOU to the visitors you send.

So example, you own a BUSINESS level account, any business level account you sell or I sell for you you'll earn over a $700 commission...

How many of those do you need to have a good week ... ?

Get started by clicking on the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: "Is EASY To Use...? I'm Not That Techincal..."

1000000000000% YES

This is designed with beginners in mind so there is nothing technical for you to do... its all "point and click" simple...

First you login...

You click on "Create New Lead Capture Page"

You Select a template from the template library...

And your page is ready!

All that's left to do now is to customize the page as you wish...

The headline and what you want it to say...

The thank you page URL

And the auto responder (you just select from a list) and just tell the system which list you want the leads to go to...

The whole thing takes like 20 seconds... literally... 20 seconds...

QUESTION: "Is there a money back guarantee...?"


In the highly unlikely event you would want a refund, you're 100% covered.

There is a full 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee

So if for any reason or even no reason at all... its not for you, contact my Support Desk and you'll get an instant refund.

QUESTION: "Does it work with ANY auto responder...?"

At the moment there are 4 native auto responder integrations PLUS a webhook is available.

Get Response, SendShark, LeadsLeap (SendSteed) and there is also a beta going on now with Aweber (which might or might not continue in the future...)

A Webhook integration is also available to any URL, or with a service like Zapier or similar.

But more auto responders are being added, if yours is not listed above, you can submit a feature request and it might be added in the future.

QUESTION: "How Often Are Commission Paid For Referred Sales...?"

Commissions are paid on the 27th of each month for all the sales for the PREVIOUS month.

Example: on July 27th you'll get paid for all of your sales you made in June...

There is no minimum payment amount, whether you made 1 sale or 100, they all get paid on the 27th of the NEXT month.

Yes David...! I Want To Capture More Leads With These Pages Too!